The main shortage in Ukraine is food, and the shelves in stores are empty. The aim of the #donateapallet campaign is to maximize the use of resources allocated for humanitarian aid sent to Ukraine. Under the project, BCA Poland prepares the pallets with food and send them to Lutsk and to Kamień Kaszylski, Kowel, Włodzimierz Wołyński, and Lviv, and from there to other places in Ukraine!


With the funds donated to this project, BCA Poland buys products from local wholesalers - mainly dry food (pasta, rice, groats, oatmeal, sugar, protein/muesli bars, modified milk) and canned food.


The cost of each pallet is about 3,500 PLN, which is roughly 1000 USD. Each pallet weighs about 650 kg / 1,500 lb and serves hundreds of meals.


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