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We're searching for individuals interested in praying for our various students groups involved in our youth ministry!

“Our Student Ministries team serves all MVCC campuses. Students from all over the Frederick area meet at our Urbana campus on Sunday Nights (High School) and Wednesday Nights (Middle School).”

Join our parents Facebook Group for updates and information: Click Here

Join our parents Facebook Group for updates and information: Click Here



Smart Social

This website is designed to help parents stay up to date on new apps, by helping you determine which apps are safe to use as well as what apps may be inappropriate for your student's age.


his website exists to equip adults with the tools to have conversations about culture, media, and faith. There is a free weekly newsletter as well as other free to help you with these conversations. 

Center for Parent and Youth Understanding

This website called “The Center for Parent and Youth Understanding” is full of articles, podcasts, seminars, and other resources to help you navigate parenting in our digital world.


Presented by Azusa Pacific University, the goal of this website is to help families succeed in building strong marriages, confident parents, and empowered kids by producing devotionals, blogs, and courses for families.

Covenant Eyes

This is a paid accountability software that helps parents partner with their students to defeat internet porn usage.

Fight the New Drug

This is a website with free resources to inform the public about the harmful effects of porn through scientific studies, blog posts, and a three-part documentary on the topic.  


Dont't Miss It

by Reggie Joiner. - You have 936 weeks from your student's birth until they graduate high school. This book is designed to help you shape your student's faith by making each week count.

Understanding Your Young Teen

by Mark Oestreicher. - This book offers insight focused on early adolescent development while also providing you with practical applications for parenting and living with your 11-14 year old.


by Paul David Trip - Feeling pressure to do everything “right” and raise up “good” children, it’s easy to lose sight of our ultimate purpose as parents in the quest for practical tips and guaranteed formulas.

A Parent's Guide to Understanding Sex & Dating

by Mark Oestreicher and Joel Mayward. -  This book will help to equip parents so that they are able to have healthy and honest dialogue with their teenagers about sex and dating.

Raising Adults: A Humane Guide for Parenting

by Tim Hancock 

The premise of the book is “the problem with raising children is that is what we end up with…children.  Our job is to raise adults, and that changes everything”.

What Do I Do When (Series)

by Dr. Steven Gerali   - These short books offer adults a look into some of the many issues that teenagers face in their daily lives. Topics of these books include; depression and suicide, abuse, bullying and violence, dealing with death, and eating disorders. These books can be a helpful starting place, to understand a student's pain as well as providing a few next steps that families can take in the healing process. 

12 Huge Mistakes Parents Can Avoid

by Tim Elmore. -  A very practical discussion through many things parents think they should be doing when in fact they are mistakes that can stunt the growth of our children.


Parenting Tips

Looking for some quick help as a parent? Parent Tips by Jonathan McKee provides around 10 minutes of hope and help for parenting teens. 

Youth Ministry Sherpas

This Podcast focuses mainly on youth workers and youth ministry but includes a lot of information they have learned over the years that can be applied to parenting as well.